What is Our Collaboration Platform?

Our platform is an all-in-one collaboration solution. With which you can easily create, share, collaborate and store files. Simplify your communications with Talk our chat, voice/video calls, and screen share solution. Stay organized with kanban-boards, tasks, calendar, plus much more!

Keep your business organized and your employees focused with our Collaboration platform.

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Sora Solutions Private Business Cloud

Private Business Cloud

Swiss Hosted and protected by Swiss Privacy Laws.

Cirrus Users

Easy Access to Files, Photos & Documents

Access, edit and share files, photos and documents from anywhere. Sync files to your desktop or laptop or use our app to access files from your tablet or phone.

Cirrus Conference

Share and collaborate with team members, customers and partners.

Talk allows you to chat, audio/video call, and screen share from anywhere with an internet connection with our app or your computer.

Kanban Boards

Keep your team organized with Tasks and Kanban-Boards

Never miss a beat with Tasks and keep your team organized with Kanban-boards. Set deadlines, update notes and add attachments.

Cirrus Confident Customer

Be confident your data is protected.

With our solution you can be confident your data is protected. Sora Solutions data centers are located in Switzerland, offering your hosted data the protection of Swiss privacy laws.


Our collaboration cloud service is based on open source file sync and share software for everyone. We provide this backend to everyone from individuals to gain privacy of their own data back, to large enterprises. We provides a safe, secure, and compliant file synchronization and sharing solution on servers in our data center located at the lake of Zurich. Only you have access to your data and we do not control, mine or sell your data

Why Choose US?

We live in a world where data is entrusted and stored on third-party platforms where it can be viewed, compromised and even sold. Your data needs to be secure and private.

Own Your Data with Swiss Tech. 

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Our solution is hosted securely in our data centers in Switzerland, giving you the added protection of Swiss privacy laws. We follows the gold standard of security, ISO/IEC 27001-2013, encrypting each file so only you and who you choose can access your data.

Be Confident with us.


Human with PC 002 - Swiss Tech


Secure Swiss Cloud

Custom Branding

Shared, Managed or Unmanage

Office Integration

Chat, Video/Voice Calling, Screen Sharing

Security and Encryption

Cirrus Talk - Coming Soon

Cirrus Talk App

Chat, Audio Call, and Video Call conveniently, privately and securely from the Cirrus Talk App.

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